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Business To Business Lead Generation

B2B Lead Generation and LinkedIn

Business to business lead generation is a key discipline for digital marketers in today's economy. There are a variety of tactics that can be leveraged to drive leads into the top of the funnel. Organic Search, Paid Search, Display Ads, and more. A growing trend in the paid channel is to target a social network where business personas spend their time reading news and communicating with like minded practitioners. That social network is LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is often considered a social media platform for professionals. As a result, B2B marketers sometimes overlook this professional social media site's ability to support business-to-business lead generation and qualification. LinkedIn enables brands to offer display ads that support their business objectives.

To better understand LinkedIn's business-to-business lead generation value, it's useful to understand its' usage patterns.

At first glance, the bulk of LinkedIn's usage occurs during the workweek across the U.S., with activity tailing off on the weekends. On the other side of the spectrum is Twitter and Facebook, which are more B2C centric and seem to have users that engagement over the weekend.

This makes sense because LinkedIn is intended to be a social network for users to stay connected with coworkers and colleagues, past and present.

Though statistics for most intensive use of Linked in are unavailable, social media usage trends spike during the work week between noon and 3:00 p.m. Daytime viewing is highest during this time when people tend to take a break, seek information online, and connect with others to support their business needs. LinkedIn's classic use as a job search board drives significantly higher traffic during typical business hours.

How can you put this information to work for you? LinkedIn has grown its B2B content through acquisition of Pulse and the user base sharing interesting business articles and metrics. This use of LinkedIn as a news feed can be used to support your organization's business-to-business lead generation and qualification activities. Social media is not "one size fits all." Success requires rethinking how you tap into this content to maximize results for your organization.

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