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Business To Business Advertising

How Businesses Buy from Businesses in a Digital Marketplace

Business-to-business advertising is similar to consumer advertising. In both cases you're trying to meet certain needs and overcome erroneous preconceptions.

For example, in both cases you need to evoke an emotional response in addition to providing product information. Some argue that business-to-business advertising should be purely about products, but that approach has been measured and shown to be consistently inferior.

Business-to-business advertising requires that you demonstrate that you understand and care about customers - just like consumer advertising. Keep in mind that the purpose of advertising is to open doors, not close sales.

Never forget that business-to-business advertising still means that in the final analysis you are addressing people - not impersonal abstractions that we call companies.

Economic downturn creates opportunities for those companies that are adept at turning marketing investments into revenue because there will relatively lesser competition. In a study of the U.S. recessions , McGraw-Hill Research has found that B2B firms that maintained or increased advertising during the 1981-1982 recession averaged a higher sales growth compared to those that stopped or decreased advertising. By 1985, it was found that companies that were aggressively advertising during recession grew their revenue more than 2.5X faster than others.

Combat these common misconceptions in business to business advertising, and your investments in thoughtful, personal marketing will surely pay off.

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