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Business Sales Leads

Marketo Sales Insight

Marketo Sales Insight helps your reps prioritize, understand and interact with the hottest business sales leads and opportunities to close more deals faster. It gives reps a "sixth sense" so they know who is ready for - and most likely to appreciate - a call or email from them. It lets reps send smart campaigns and get instant updates when business sales leads and opportunities
open their emails, visit the website, or show other "Interesting Moments" and buying signs.

As a result, reps are better prepared at every stage of the revenue cycle to deliver the right response at the right time to ensure business sales leads are handled appropriately. Unlike other sales effectiveness solutions, that show granular activity data without synthesis or analysis
to highlight what's really important, only Marketo helps reps focus on the key moments that really matter to sales.

Are you already using a CRM to handle your sales leads? As a 100% native Force.com application, Marketo Sales Insight works natively inside Salesforce CRM, meaning there's nothing new to learn, no new tools to install, and no need for additional IT. Not using salesforce? Marketo integrates easily with nearly every leading CRM - get the most out of your leads with our help.

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