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Business Opportunity Lead Generation

Increasing opportunity conversion rate with Lead Generation

It is widely possible to increase effectiveness and productivity across all business functions by generating more warm qualified leads, increasing sales pipeline velocity, and bringing sales and marketing alignment by leveraging lead generation software.

Lead nurturing drastically increases lead to opportunity conversion rates, accelerates revenue generation, and reduces the sales cycle time. It deals with finding the right buyers for the product at the right time. The Lead generation process brings buyers into the funnel, but it is lead nurturing and scoring that moves them to sales to close the deals at the approrpriate time. According to MarketingSherpa's Lead Generation benchmark report, enterprises that leverage lead nurturing have see a 45% lift in lead generation compared to others who don't use it.

You can access the all top lead generation resources in Marketo's Lead Generation Success Center and increase the number of quality leads that you pass to Sales.

To prevent lost, ignored, or improperly nurtured leads, lead generation marketers need to invest in lead nurturing and other techniques pertaining to the Middle of the Funnel (MOFU) to build long-term relationships and trust. This can be leveraged at the ready to buy stage You can engage these leads through relevant content and ensure you get the timing right.

MarketingSherpa's Lead Generation Benchmark Survey chart shows that marketers are starting to accelerate their lead generation spend greatly on website optimization, social media, and SEO.

Read more about other Marketo clients who have been maximizing their profitability with Lead Nurturing.

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