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Business Lead Generation

What is Business Lead Generation? Why is it Important?

Business lead generation, by definition, is the process marketers use to stimulate and capture buyer interest in a specific service or product. The data collected is used to establish a sales pipeline.

Advances in online and social techniques have resulted in substantial changes in business lead generation, which typically utilizes various digital channels. Specifically, the vast availability of information online has led to the emergence of the 'self-directed buyer' and the rise of new techniques used to establish and pre-qualify leads prior to passing them off to sales.

The buying process has evolved, and, as result, marketers need to find innovative methods to reach buyers and be heard through the chatter. Instead of the dated method of finding customers with mass advertising and spam laden email blasts, marketers must now focus on being found and learn to build continuous relationships with buyers.

transformation of marketing

See how you can increase effectiveness of business lead generation by producing more qualified leads and increasing sales and marketing alignment through the utilization of lead generation software.

Our Lead Generation Success Center features tools and resources to help you increase and optimize the number, and quality, of leads you hand to sales.e4r

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