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Behavioral Targeting Online Advertising

Content Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising

A one-third of all commercial Google searches are B2B in nature. More than 50% of Google's, and close to 38 percent of Yahoo's target group advertisers are B2B. This shows that, SEO is vital for modern B2B marketers to succeed.

For this, you need to put SEO and social media together. Having an Internet presence delivers value because it helps to position your company as a reference brand. This means you're going to consistently attract organic and editorially endorsed links, which are the lifeblood of the engines.

In the 2001 recession, Internet marketing was still unproven. Today, the shift to advertising on online channels is proven and will sustain for a long time.

Check out the Marketo blog for the new tips on how to increase your email click-throughs using online target advertising strategies.

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