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Behavioral Targeting Definition

Understanding Best Practices for Behavioral Targeting for successful Lead Nurturing

The best way to nurture a lead is to send triggered, targeted messages to prospective buyers, based on their behaviors. It is important to educate and pre-sell prospects with personalized communications. The following terms and definitions will help you understand lead nurturing better:

Lead Nurturing -- The process of establishing relationships with qualified prospects, irrespective of their timing to buy, with the aim of earning their business as and when they are ready.

Seed Nurturing -- The process of building relationships with qualified prospects even before you have their contact details.

Incoming Lead Processing Campaigns -- How you act and what you do when you first meet someone will set the note for future interactions.

Stay in Touch Campaigns -- These campaigns "drip" relevant content to prospects over a period in time, helping educate them and build credibility and trust for your company.

Accelerator Campaigns -- These campaigns take prospects through the buying cycle much faster by providing "nudges" that are triggered by specific sales updates or buyer behaviors.

Lead Lifecycle Campaigns -- These ensure movement and interaction with prospects, even when they are not ready to buy or when sales is not engaged.

Lead Handoff -- The step when the lead is passed on to sales from marketing.

Marketing Lead -- This is a lead that has been generated by marketing, but not yet qualified as a sales prospect.

Sales Ready Lead -- Both sales and marketing have agreed to qualify this lead.

Closed Loop Marketing -- These campaigns circulate communication based on a prospect's prior actions and position in the buying cycle.

Drip Campaign -- Encompasses a series of scheduled emails that deliver thought leadership to prospects who have opted to receive marketing communications.

Lead Recycling -- The process of reverting a lead from sales to marketing because the lead was not ready to buy.

If you have already gone through Marketo's The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing, then you probably understand the importance of developing buyer personas. If not, you can find the complete library of definitive guides, right here.

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