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B2B Video Marketing

Building The Marketer's Platform: Video Marketing Solutions

With YouTube's growth, watching videos are part of today's buying process - for both B2B and B2C. A digital marketer who wants to engage using content to nurture, inform or entertain their customers needs to have a strategy to include video into their marketing mix. Using videos is a great way to market.

Do you want to get started with video marketing? Learn how to use video to boost B2B marketing results with social media and social marketing, video and Web 2.0 tactics by downloading and using these social marketing best practices and podcasts.

One specific tool to check out is Vidcaster - the ultimate video marketing solution for businesses. It provides a complete video streaming, branding, measurement, and conversion tool - designed specifically for B2B marketing.Vidcaster integrates your favorite sales and marketing solutions and provides a single platform for all your video marketing needs.

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