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B2B Mobile Marketing

Mobility is catching up with B2B Marketers for targeting

Today's fast-paced business culture is more dynamic and mobile than ever before. As a result, people are checking large quantities of email on a mobile devices or tablets. This means your B2B mobile marketing correspondence may be viewed on every type of device.

From our latest version of mobile email marketing white paper, we have picked the top 5 tips that you can implement to enhance your B2B mobile marketing and optimize emails for all mobile devices:

1) Keep your subject lines short.

Mobile phones have a small surface area, you have to write a subject line that has the maximum impact and also fits comfortably in this limited space. Subject lines having 15 characters or less are ideal.

2) Always check and modify the text version of your email.

Your email should fit the screen of any kind of device. Most smartphones can read an HTML email, you should ensure that all your bases are covered even for those that can read only text. Check your text version before sending out the email. Marketo's marketing automation applications provide you with text and HTML email options. You can get into the text version and make edits so that all links are clear and all images are replaced with text.

3) Keep your body content concise.

This is even more appropriate for mobile emails. Mobile email readers are likely in motion, so they will quickly skim the email for important details. If they need to scroll up and down to get your message, chances are they will stop reading your email before finishing. Ensure that you format your message in such a way that important points are provided upfront or highlighted as bulleted text.

4) Limit your design and give importance to size.

It is ideal to stick to 500-600px resolution for comfortable viewing on mobile devices. But you need to consider phones like Blackberrys that have a smaller display of 320px in width. You should also pay attention to the graphics that are included because on mobile devices graphics can come through as blank spaces or links. Recipients may actually delete the message even before that start reading.

5) Make your call to actions clear!

Mobile emails should be short, so have a call to action placement that is easy to follow. If the user has to click through to a landing page, then make sure the page is viewable on the mobile device. Make sure you remove Flash, JavaScript, and pop-ups from the email or the landing page, so that you ensure everything translating properly.

Your B2B mobile marketing strategy must focus on ensuring good viewability on mobile devices and tablets. Learn more from our whitepaper on B2B Mobile Email Marketing.

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