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The Tools You Need For Email Marketing EMAIL MARKETING SUCCESS KIT

B2B Marketing Operations 2.0 release ensures that the right marketing processes are in place to ensure meaningful metrics are at the front-end of marketing processes. It enables successful measurement processes at key process intervals and as each and every program concludes. Some of these tools are simple, and some help you build complex relationships.

With nearly two-thirds of B2B decision makers saying that they regularly view emails using their mobile device, it is possible that the success of email marketing is highly based on their ability to be viewed on mobile devices. Have you wondered how your campaigns look and function on phones and tablets? There are many new tools and techniques that leverage advanced lead management principles to support the success of today's mobile email marketing campaigns.

Today, more than 800 million use Facebook every day. It offers many ways to stay connected to one's friends and family and is an essential tool for B2B marketing, as well. Facebook allows your business to be showcased to prospects on a trusted, popular platform. Here, prospects can see their friends, family or colleagues ("real people") interacting with you and your brand - directly. This enables you to build stronger and immediate relationships with them.

In 2008, Marketo, the industry's fastest-growing lead management vendor, had announced many key enhancements to its email deliverability solutions. These solutions gave more power to marketers than ever before - to reach the inboxes of their prospects. With these enhancements, Marketo is now extending its leading targeted email marketing solution with advanced and new tools and services that would help B2B marketing professionals to ensure best practices and bring down risks in today's online marketing world.

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