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Landing Page Software From B2B Marketing Firm Marketo Evolves To Further Help Companies Optimize Conversions

The landing page is accessible when a prospect clicks a online banner, pay-per-click ad, or a direct email campaign. It is an important aspect of any marketing program because it ensures that a clicks are converted to leads.

A landing page that is well tested makes a better impression on the prospect. It ensures that the prospect doesn't click away, and encourages that prospect to become a lead. According to MarketingSherpa, a marketing research organization, a fully implemented, optimized landing page can increase conversion rates by as much as 40%. However, a Forrester research reveals that three out of four B2B companies lack the technical expertise to use landing pages effectively. Further, landing page optimization solutions mostly cater to the requirements of high-volume e-commerce websites, rather than B2B marketers' needs for generating leads.

Marketo offers landing page optimization solutions that help in the creation and testing of landing pages. We provide easy-to-use user interface for creating new versions of landing pages. You can compare and measure which version generates the most leads, revenue, and opportunities.

You get to try out the new testing functionality free with each subscription to Marketo Landing Pages. To learn more, watch the free demo.

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