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B2B Marketing Examples

Creative B2B Social Media Marketing Ideas

Although often underutilized, valuable social media channels, tools such as Twitter and blogs are quickly changing the standards in B2B marketing. The harsh reality is, however, that online marketers are failing to leverage social media to it's fullest potential and, therefore, not doing their due diligence when it comes to truly uplifting their brand or promoting their company.

Here are five creative B2B Social Media Marketing ideas that will allow marketers to better leverage social media.

1. Harness social media channels like Facebook or Twitter to build a strong reputation.

Social media platforms allow marketers to create an almost indestructibly strong reputation from their peers, clients and industry 100% organically. However, this is no easy task. The true benefit here is that social media allows you to establish strong network connections without having to find ways to sneak past the traditional 'gatekeepers' like editors or mainstream media.

2. Generate sales with long-term lead nurturing with targeted and qualified prospects. 

Despite the ability to bridge fast connections with social media communication tools, not all marketers understand how to best leverage those connections. Long-term lead nurturing is a vital step in the sales process.

3. Harness the permission marketing capabilities of a well established blog. 

This invaluable asset enables B2B marketers to hone in on an audience that is both engaged and active.

4. Engage potential customers by tapping into the 'social sphere'. 

Social media should not just be used randomly. It is crucial to engage prospects through inbound marketing. Not only is the scalable, it also delivers superior quality and is highly authentic.

5. Maximize the synergy of SEO and social media.

Nearly one third of every commercial search on Google belongs to B2B, 51+% of Google`s advertisers are B2B, and nearly 40% of Yahoo`s target advertisers are B2B. Not surprisingly, SEO is crucial for the success of modern B2B marketing. SEO and social media must work together for your brand. It is paramount to secure a strong presence in the social sphere that compels an audience (such as a blog) and positions your company as a brand of merit. The end result is organic, editorially endorsed links.

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