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B2B Marketing Communications

10 Tips for Successful B2B Email Marketing Campaigns

B2B Email marketing campaigns are vital for B2B marketing communications. They build prospect relationships, gather background data, and boost marketing ROI. Although they are important, some of them continue to fall short on the campaign's ROI.

To build, execute, and maintain effective B2B marketing communications email campaigns, marketers must pay more attention to the audience and the message in order to avoid the trap of sending out self-promotional messages. This leads to recipients hitting the delete key without opening your message.

Get on the right track for campaigns that improve lead nurturing and returns. Use these 10 tips for successful B2B marketing communications using email:

1. Email campaigns as a dialog: Many marketers use the "batch and blast" method for email campaigns. This does not add value to the engagement with prospects. Find out how to extend the conversation by listening and adding relevant value. Ensure you incorporate meaningful value in your B2B marketing communications.

2. Evolve past click through rates: Although standard metrics are important, you need to go beyond statistics by exploring all the available information. Pay more attention to important things like links clicked by prospects on your web site, the number of visits, the visit frequency and determine how to segment them based on their behavior.

3. Segmentation: Combine the standard segmentation criteria with prospect behavioral data to create more segmentation strategies. Get more information on who opened the email, was the offer downloaded, and the time they spent on the web site.

4. Focus on the message: Remember, email campaigns send messages. Use email campaigns to adjust your messages according to the interested prospect's profiles, interests and actions. Send different emails/messages to the various segments of your list whenever appropriate.

5. Automate where needed: Save time - leverage the marketing automation solution to automate email campaigns based on a specific event or behavioral triggers and ensure you have more time to improve relationships with prospects.

6. Use a mix of style and methods: To prevent under performance, combine campaign styles and methods. Test key parameters such as different delivery days and times, surveys, different content angles, and fulfillment pieces.

7. Deliverability Even the best plan may fail if email doesn't reach the inbox. Proof your messages and identify issues that may prevent your emails from getting to the prospect's inbox. Avoid spam trigger words like free, click here, opportunity and offer.

8. Testing To achieve optimal results from email marketing campaigns, you need to test. Use A/B testing to ensure the right message is sent. Test other elements such as images, content copy, etc. Be sure to test email deliverability with a small group prior to ensure that all your links redirect to the right links.

9. Analyze your results No more data dumps into Excel or many hours of number crunching. Use the reporting dashboards of your marketing automation solution to generate reports. Use them to understand prospect behavior and improve future campaigns.

10. Keep in touch with prospects Utilize follow-up emails to improve the relationship with prospects and get useful feedback. These messages keep communication open and lets your prospects know that you're not just an automated email message.

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