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B2b Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation has leapfrogged B2B marketing world to a new standard

Today, I'm asking if marketing automation is changing the world of B2B marketing. The answer is a resounding YES. Marketing automation is the platform from which modern B2B marketers are launching their new programs, and adapting to the changing environment. Here are 3 ways that marketing automation technology is transforming our B2B marketing world:

1. Lead nurturing:

As many as 80% of your prospects could buy from you someday, but aren't ready to buy from you today. Leads that are nurtured are more likely to buy more, and have shorter sales cycles, so you generate more revenue faster.

2. Relevant content marketing:

The right content is key to establishing trust in the minds of your B2B buyer, but remember your nurturing still stills to be relevant. Taking time to map your content based on profile and stage in buying cycle is the first step to ensuring relevance. If your nurturing is not relevant, the buyer will stop paying attention and you'll lose the ability to convert them.

3. Lead scoring:

Scoring your leads will maximize sales productivity. When sales teams can focus their time and attention on the hottest sales leads and opportunities, win rates go up and sales cycles go down. Remember to involve sales early in the process, and build the framework to ensure no lead gets left behind.

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