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B2B Email Marketing Statistics

B2B Email Marketing Statistics Reaffirm Marketo's Value

Every B2B company should have an email marketing strategy that drives, leads, and cultivates business relationships based on its low cost and high ROI. If you are a B2B company lacking an email strategy, Marketo can help before it's too late. 

Marketo understands that B2B email marketing is essential to building trust and maintaining an ongoing dialogue with your audience by paying attention to open and click-through rates, by maintaining relevancy in the conversation, and by appropriate follow-up. Marketo helps ensure that each message you send supports the end goal. Consider these B2B email marketing statistics provided by Salesforce:

Marketo has the platform and best practices to optimize your B2B email strategies through basic and advanced email marketing techniques and measure ROI to ensure you are engaging in the most meaningful ways possible. 

Read our guide today and learn how to get the most out of your email marketing efforts.

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