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B2B Direct Marketing

Constructive, Engaging, and Relevant Email campaigns solidifies B2B Direct Marketing arsenal

Email marketing software is an important tool in your B2B direct marketing mix, but how do you separate yourself from the batch and blast spammers? B2B Email marketing can be an efficient way to maintain a dialog with your prospects and customers - as long as the messages and calls to action are relevant. Marketo's software supports B2B direct marketing, and helps you easily send the right messages - at the right time. No HTML or technical expertise is required.

Advantages to using Marketo's email marketing software include:

Using Marketo's unique dynamic content capability, you can personalize emails for B2B direct marketing segments with simple custom rules and filters. All the content - text, images, and CTAs can be easily customized based on any criteria, including location, industry, job title, and more. Watch your click-throughs for B2B direct marketing campaigns soar!

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