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B2B Content Marketing

20 Ways to Fail With B2B Content Marketing

Have you ever poured your team’s time and resources into developing B2B marketing content, only to watch it fail to resonate with your audience? While no one wants to make mistakes, they can be important learning experiences.  In fact, your mistakes can tell you a lot.

Check out the list below and see if you can attribute that poor campaign performance to one of these 20 Ways to Fail With B2B Content Marketing:

  1. Not Including Keywords. Successful B2B content marketing starts with integrating keywords that will help your audience find your brand. Carefully craft a group of keywords that leads will follow to your brand.
  2. Not Measuring Keyword Results. Use Google Analytics to track which keywords are driving traffic and which are under-performing.
  3. Ambiguity. Avoid it by listing authors to ensure your blog content is – at minimum – clearly connected to your brand. Developing your audience’s expectation that X author will consistently discuss Y subjects will make it easier for your readers to the see the value of your content.
  4. Working Sans Plan. Just getting B2B content out there without a plan or focus is a big no-no. You should have specific goals for each piece of B2B content you create. Do you want to inform? Invite? Update? Educate? Decide.
  5. Too Many Updates. In this case, too much can definitely be a bad thing. You wouldn’t dump a shaker of salt all over your steak – it would become inedible. View your content the same way. Season your B2B content marketing with carefully placed content.
  6. Not Enough Updates. Too little is as bad as too much. Strike a balance!
  7. Self-promotion. While it can be good to use personal anecdotes, talking exclusively about how awesome your company is can easily turn people off. Buyers want relevant information, not hyperbole.
  8. Forgetting to Promote. You may have the best B2B marketing content in the world, but if you do nothing to promote it, it won’t reach anyone. Place your content where your target audience will find it.
  9. Being Too General. Success on the net depends upon marketing to your target audience. There’s no way that throwing content to the Internet winds without a strategy will produce reliable marketing ROI.
  10. Not Looking Ahead. Always plan for the future. You may have achieved success in one campaign. How will you follow it up?
  11. Neglecting to Re-purpose. Always be mindful of how you can re-purpose old content, i.e. videos, interviews and seasonal/special topics from former campaigns.
  12. Not Concentrating On SEO. Search engine optimization in all its forms is critical. Create B2B content for image search, local search, blog search and video search to raise your search results overall.
  13. Not Using Compelling Language. The buying process is informed by emotion. Use terms that motivate your readers to action.
  14. Staying Inside Your Box. Try creating infographics to convey your message – they are great companions to more traditional content sources.
  15. Failing The Consistency Test. Create consistency between your off-and online content. Do your brochures complement, and agree with, your blog?
  16. Not Surveying The Internet Landscape. You may be using the big three (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) to distribute your content via B2B social media, but have you considered niche sites that speak to your industry’s customers?
  17. Avoiding Conversation. Your prospects can give you a peek into how they think – and shop – when they engage with your blog or join your discussion forums. Use your B2B content to continue the conversation.
  18. Carrying The Content Creation Burden. The challenge of B2B content creation can be daunting. Don’t carry the burden alone. Follow thought leaders, industry insiders and competitors who can help you create and re-purpose content.
  19. Forgetting What Your Content’s Job Is. The whole reason for B2B content marketing is to move prospects into and through your sales funnel. Effective content is the hallmark of demand generation.
  20. Sub-par Quality Control. Nothing will kill credibility faster than incorrect facts and sloppy presentation. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by forgetting content basics. Fact check, grammar check and spell check!

There are numerous books available to help you create and improve your demand generation B2B content marketing. In addition, visit marketing websites that specialize in content marketing. When you know what to do, you’ll realize what not to. Check out Marketo’s Content Marketing Cheat Sheet for more dos and don’ts.

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