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Get More Email Opens and Clicks Using Behavioral Targeting

A number of businesses have stayed away from email marketing for the fear of bombarding customers and compliance concerns. In the Financial Services industry, email marketing has been unsuccessful mainly due to poor segmentation, averaging click-through rates of only 2-3%.

Interactive content and behavioral targeting are viewed as the most successful content marketing tactics. Many marketers are weaving these tactics into their email marketing templates, blog posts, landing pages, social media channels, and websites.

At Marketo, we have seen that lead nurturing campaigns that are based on behavioral targeting show 59% better click-to-open rates, 57% higher open rates, and a massive 147% higher overall click rate. A research conducted by Gareth Herschel at Gartner revealed that event-triggered campaigns showed five times better performance than traditional batch campaigns. Another supporting research by Forrester found that only 17% of businesses were mature practitioners of behavioral marketing, but these businesses grew revenue much faster than forecasted figures.

Conventional email providers (ESPs) aren't much of a help with data aggregation. They are no doubt able to track email behaviors and feed on customer reports, but they lack connection to important behavioral data. These ESPs derive data from imported lists and spreadsheets, for anything sophisticated they pull custom lists using complex queries in the form of API calls, SQL queries, or SAS code.

Jon Miller talks more about some of the distinct advantages offered by behavioral targeting in this blog post.

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