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Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Marketing Automation Optimization Strategies

Are you using both inbound and outbound marketing strategies? Do you think affiliate marketing works of you? Content is constantly evolving, and marketers need to further expand their content marketing strategy to make sure that others will want to see and share their stories.

Assume for a minute that your business is very committed to one inbound marketing strategy, then, in which resource should a CMO invest? Where are your good leads coming from, and how much profit are you making from your marketing expenses?

Between August 17 and October 5, 2011, the Gatepoint Research group had invited 1,026 marketing executives to participate in the survey Marketing Automation Optimization Strategies. Candidates received email invitations to participate in a survey - 100 executives have participated till date. Some of the observations are:

How do your staff and budget support your inbound marketing strategy? Do you agree that the adoption of marketing automation will help to better justify budgetary planning and spending, while strengthening marketing's ability to be seen as a key contributor to the company's bottom line?

If you're still on the fence post about whether or not Marketing Automation is the next logical step for your business, click here to discover 9 signs that you're ready. For more information on marketing automation strategy download Marketo's ebook The Definitive Guide to Marketo Automation.

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