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Advertising On The Internet

Content Marketing vs. Traditional Advertising

Advertising on the Internet has come a long way from blinking banner ads (though those are still around). Content marketing is a popular contemporary tactic - but what are the details? Below is an infographic that illustrates how content marketing is rivaling traditional advertising on the Internet. It outlines the benefits of content marketing, which types of businesses are using it, and also how much they're spending on it. In addition, it notes which tactics are the most favorable, and which challenges content marketers are facing now.

How can content marketing bring you business? Risk mitigation, lead generation, lead nurturing and lead scoring are some of the benefits today's companies are reaping from their content marketing efforts.

Content marketing will increase over time, yet traditional advertising on the Internet will always make an important contribution to lead generation as part of the marketing mix. Through research and testing, you can find the right combination to grow your business.

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