Episode 16: Why Marketing Automation is the Most Effective Digital Marketing Tactic featuring Jacob Stark of Curves International

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Welcome to another wonderful episode of the Marketing Nation Podcast, presented by Marketo and hosted by Marketo’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, DJ Waldow.

Jacob Stark, Director of Digital Strategy at Curves International, joins the Marketing Nation to talk about his experience building out the marketing strategy for one of the biggest women’s fitness companies and how marketing automation has contributed to his success.

One of Jacob’s biggest goals at Curves is to develop a connected and consistent strategy within their marketing department as a whole, not just the digital side. Creating a welcoming environment for women to exercise is what the Curves locations are all about; their unofficial motto is, “No makeup, no men, no mirrors.” Jacob believes that the company’s online marketing should be just as comfortable for current members and prospects.

In order to create a personalized marketing strategy, Jacob and his team have implemented some marketing automation software to help hone in on the needs of their members. Jacob believes that tracking website activities is the single most effective marketing tactic he’s used.* While it’s never easy to create an effective communications funnel to turn prospects into customers, Jacob says that Marketo has helped him develop tight a process for garnering new members, nurturing current members, and even reactivating former members.

The tracking that Jacob set up on the Curves website helped the company understand the behavior of their visitors and grow their conversion rates. This organized process allows Jacob and his team to build on the consistency that that the company values.

Listen as DJ and Jacob chat for a bit about the crazy (fun) world of marketing automation.


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*Disclosure: Curves use Marketo to power much of their online marketing automation

Jacob Stark is a marketing executive specializing in developing and implementing strategic efforts with measurable results and ROI. He has been instrumental in building two national insurance marketing organizations from the ground up requiring both B2B and B2C expertise.