Episode 12: A Tale of Two Marketing Cities featuring Mitch Joel of Twist Image

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Welcome to the twelfth episode of the Marketing Nation Podcast, presented by Marketo and hosted by Marketo’s Digital Marketing Evangelist, DJ Waldow.

Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image and host of the Six Pixels of Separation Podcast joins the Marketing Nation this week to discuss the unmatched opportunity that brands now have in social media, why a content distribution strategy is important, and why the state of marketing is like A Tale of Two Cities.

Mitch has worked for many, many years on connecting brands with customers, and he is a curious marketer who has a passion for producing content. But his content strategy doesn’t end after he’s done producing it, and he believes that a strong content distribution strategy is just as important as a content production plan.

For Mitch, this means producing additional content that he can contribute to influential publications like the Huffington Post, Inc Magazine, and the Harvard Business Review. Why is this important? Because it helps expand his brand’s reach as a thought leader and draws potential new audiences to his website, blog, and podcast.

When it comes to the state of digital marketing, Mitch believes that there are two different things happening that are important. For example, growing platforms like Snapchat, Pinterest, and Instagram are allowing brands to provide more dynamic and interesting content to consumers.

"There has never been a better opportunity for brands to communicate with their customers and fans," Mitch says, and this is because these new platforms allow a direct relationship with followers and fans.

Also, contrary to popular belief, there are certain types of online engagement that don’t need to live permanently on the web. Snapchat is a perfect example of this type of content. In what Mitch refers to as “the porous web,” companies can use the internet’s impermanence to their advantage with more creative and flexible content. There has been a massive shift in consumerism, says Mitch, where we don’t need to own anything anymore, but rather than accept that much of what we care about lives online in another platform.

Instead of plugging his own work (you can use Google for that!), Mitch gives a shout out to Scott Stratten of UnMarketing who is doing an interesting and thought-provoking job of calling out brands who are screwing up on social media. While Mitch doesn’t generally do this himself, he finds he can use these examples in his daily writing and strategic consulting.

Check out the full episode and hear how Mitch really feels about this whole word-association game!


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Mitch Joel is President of Twist Image - one of the largest independent Digital Marketing agencies in North America (although he prefers the title, Media Hacker). Back in 2006 he was named one of the most influential authorities on blog marketing in the world. He has been called a marketing and communications visionary, interactive expert and community leader. He is also a blogger, podcaster, passionate entrepreneur and speaker who connects with people worldwide by sharing his marketing and innovation insights on the state of business.