Marketing Post-GDPR: Two Tribes of Marketing - Infographic

Marketers have split down the middle when it comes to their preparation for GDPR. – 55% have taken a marketing-first approach and 45% have taken a legal-first approach.

Why does that matter? Well those with a marketing-first approach have put the customer at the centre of their strategy and used GDPR as an opportunity to improve their marketing and their customer engagement. And the impact is staggering - 72% expect to exceed target this year compared to just 28% of their legal-first counterparts.

And it really matters to customers too. They don't trust businesses and don't want to be sold to. 83% think businesses will just try and find a way around the GDPR rules.

So are you marketing-first or legal-first? Check out our infographic to find out some of the key statistics from our Post-GDPR Marketing research report.

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