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The Fearless Forum is designed to be a conversation with you, our amazing customers, in the form of a monthly newsletter. Each month we share the latest Marketo Engage best practices, insights from our Marketo Engage Champions, along with tips and tricks you want to hear most about.

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More from Edition 17

How 2B Fearless: Kimmah Shah

In this How 2B Fearless edition, we spoke with Kimmah Shah, who is a Senior Consultant specializing in Digital and Demand Generation.

Marketo Success Series: Channel Building

Standardizing your Marketo Engage channels lies at the core of everything you do - read about Marketo Champions' take on how to do this.

Marketo Success Series: Lead Nurture

Learn more from Champion Alumni Joe Reitz as he explains what Lead Nurtures are and how to build them in Marketo Engage.

Apply to the 2021 Marketo Engage Champion Class

Applications are now open for the 2021 Marketo Engage Champion class! Please complete your application by Friday, November 20.

Meet the Experience Makers: Chelsea Kiko

Learn about Experience Maker Ambassador Award winner Chelsea Kiko, who is the Marketing Operations Manager at McGraw Hill.

Important Insights from September's Marketo Champion Office Hours

Watch a recording of the September Marketo Champion Office Hours on Community!

Experience Makers Media & Communications Speaker Series

Join us in this three-part series, which will offer insights into the evolution of the D2C model, measurement in a cookie-less world, and more.