Optimizing Email Deliverability


The important messages in your marketing emails can only engage your target audience it they make it to the inbox. In Optimizing Email Deliverability, you’ll learn how to measure both email delivery and deliverability, how email spam filters work and how key email metrics are calculated.  You’ll then dive into how the five components of email reputation – data quality, email engagement, authentication, IP and domain reputation, and email content – affect your deliverability. Lastly, you’ll learn deliverability best practices that can be configured in your Marketo instance and how to troubleshoot and improve your deliverability should any issues arise.

Product features covered

This course covers the core Marketo Engage product. It does not cover any add-on products.

Best for

Marketers with hands-on experience using Marketo Engage who regularly use email marketing to communicate with their audiences.

Recommended prerequisites
  • Marketo Core Concepts I 
  • Experience: Students should know how to build an email program, use the Email Editor, create a smart list, create a smart campaign, and pull a global report.
Learn to
  • Define email delivery and deliverability
  • Understand email spam filters
  • Understand key email metrics and terms
  • Identify the components of email reputation
  • Troubleshoot and improve deliverability

Hands-on exercises and demonstrations help you gain in-class practice creating email content that is optimized for deliverability. Take-home exercise guides help extend your learning beyond the class as you apply what you have learned back in your job.


$375 USD


½ day

Ways to attend
  • Instructor-led virtual 
  • Self-paced (only with Learning Subscriptions)
Suggested follow-on courses
  • Configuring and Managing Marketo 
  • Marketo Core Concepts II
  • Marketo Reporting and Insights