Video Marketing with Marketo Engage: A Playbook

Have you ever wondered what goes into the playbooks for the world-champions of your favorite sports-teams? Imagine getting your hands on the winning team’s playbook. Better yet, imagine the playbook is actually a series of videos and all you have to do is press…“play.” This “play” book will serve as your ultimate guide to video-marketing like a champion. Whether you're launching a video marketing strategy for the first time or optimizing your current one, this “play” book will take your marketing strategy to the big leagues.

In this Video-Book you’ll learn:

  • How video marketing champions face their three biggest fears
  • The three most important metrics for video marketing and why
  • The recipe to crawl, walk and run with a video marketing strategy that builds success over time
  • How to use video to strategically grow pipeline (whether it’s traditional lead generation tactics or account-based marketing)

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