Pin for the Win: How to Market Your Brand on Pinterest

When it comes to marketing your brand on Pinterest, it shouldn’t be a question of why—it should be a question of why not. Over 1,500 brands in the travel, fashion, home improvement, CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods), and tech industries have already flocked to Pinterest in droves.

With over 70 million users, Pinterest is all about discovery. Your audience checks into Twitter and Facebook to socialize, read news stories, and see what their friends are up to. But your audience is on Pinterest to discover something new—a recipe, an outfit, an amazing infographic, or a clever idea. Doesn’t your brand have content you’d like to be discovered?

Download our new ebook to find out how your brand can get discovered on Pinterest. Inside, you'll find out how you can:

  • Build your initial follower base on Pinterest, and how to keep it growing
  • Run contests on Pinterest
  • Leverage your Pinterest investment on Facebook and Twitter
  • Create compelling, relevant content on your Pinterest page
  • Use Rich Pins, like Place, Article, Produce, Recipe, and Movie Pins
  • Measure the most important Pinterest metrics
  • Tie your Pinterest efforts to tangible revenue

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