How to Segment and Target Your Emails

Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable with targeted advertising and personalized content. They expect marketers to know almost everything about them, and to use that information to create customized experiences. When consumers visit Amazon.com, they look for recommendations to be fed to them based on what they’ve purchased in the past: “You bought this, so you might like this.” Data-driven customization is commonplace now across all platforms, and email is no exception. Everyone can market like Amazon. Buyers increasingly expect when they share information with marketers — either explicitly at opt-in or implicitly with their buying and browsing habits — that those marketers will use that data wisely.

One of the most valuable ways to use consumer data is to segment and target your lists. Download this ebook and learn:

  • About segmentation based on demographics
  • About segmentation based on behaviors
  • How to target based on email, social, and website behaviors
  • Examples of how to use targeting in your email campaigns

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