Enrollment, Engagement, Donation: How Higher Education Can Improve Its Grades with Marketing Automation

Your school is probably under pressure to increase retention, graduation, and post-graduation employment rates—the measures that determine public funding, consumer interest, and support.

But marketing that attracts and recruits new students and maintains the loyalty of past students is no small task, especially when you’re competing against thousands of other schools and fighting for attention in the age of information overload...not to mention squeezed marketing budgets at every turn.

In this ebook, we’ll cover how marketing automation can help higher ed organizations:

  • Improve the results of your marketing outreach by engaging prospective, current, and former students
  • Build enduring relationships with personalized messaging
  • Create a strategy as sophisticated as the best-in-class marketers from every other industry
  • Prove the impact of every marketing dollar spent, so that you can defend and protect your budget

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