10 Most Common Marketing Budget Pitfalls: Avoiding the Mouse Trap

Regardless of industry, marketers across organizations – from those in PR and marketing communications, to those in marketing operations – struggle to track their spend on all marketing programs and stay on budget. Even the savviest marketers can be challenged to gain a complete and accurate picture of their marketing spend at any given time. After all, what they plan to spend, what they've committed to spend and what they’ve already spent changes daily. Plus, the information about that spend is dispersed across people, emails, spreadsheets and finance systems. As a result, marketers find it difficult to make the most of their budgets and build credibility in the eyes of the finance team.

Want to know the secret to gaining that needed view so you can confidently make spending decisions and stay in lockstep with finance? Download our ebook and find out what we have identified as the 10 most common marketing budget pitfalls to avoid.

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