Increased pipeline generation year-over-year


Doubled paying customers in 14 months


Increase in website conversion

Connecting through the power of video


  • Adapt sales and marketing strategies as company offers freemium options 
  • Deliver personalized, targeted messaging to more prospects and customers 
  • Identify strong leads to prioritize sales efforts and reach customers more efficiently

Companies always hope that their messages will connect with customers, but Tyler Lessard is one of the few experienced marketers whose customers respond to keep conversations going.

“People write back and tell us they love getting our emails and content. That’s a first for me,” says Lessard, vice president of marketing at video platform Vidyard. “They’ll tell us that a report we suggested was thought-provoking or the tips we shared were just what they needed to take their videos to the next level. It’s exciting to see that even as our company grows, we’re cultivating such close relationships with customers that they feel comfortable reaching out to us.”

In Lessard’s time at Vidyard, he’s seen the company grow from a small video marketing startup to a leading provider of video hosting, management, and enablement tools for individuals and Fortune 500 companies alike. While there are many video services on the market, Vidyard stands out for its focus on creating a solution tailor-made for businesses. Built-in personalization options, custom calls to action, analytics dashboards, top security, and other features help Vidyard’s customers use video to communicate more effectively across marketing, sales, and internal communications.

“We chose Marketo Engage for its integration with Salesforce CRM and its strong automation that allows us to deliver personalized account-based marketing and sales programs from a single platform."

Tyler Lessard, Vice President of Marketing, Vidyard


Embracing a new go-to-market model for modern customers

Leading marketing at a company focused on enhancing business communications, Lessard and his team are keenly aware of marketing’s potential impacts and challenges in converting prospects to customers. Every marketing campaign could benefit in some way from Vidyard, recognizing that video attracts and engages customers better than just words or images.

Several years ago, Vidyard made a big change to its business model. The company noticed that companies of all sizes tended to look closer at technologies that they could start testing right away, without worrying about upfront time and costs. Vidyard decided to implement a freemium sales model, which allows individuals to sign up for free accounts and start experimenting with video communications immediately. Once companies see the value of video, they can work with the Vidyard sales team to find the right level of service depending on the features they need.

While Vidyard had been growing steadily, the switch to a freemium model has dramatically boosted the number of customers and added complexity to the sales cycle. Lessard had noticed that the company was outgrowing its marketing automation platform, and he didn’t think that they could continue to scale without also dramatically increasing the number of people in the marketing team. Vidyard needed to refresh its technology stack to better keep up new opportunities. 

“We worked closely with sales to evaluate different marketing automation platforms, as we needed the solution to equally benefit marketing and sales,” says Lessard. “We chose Marketo Engage for its integration with Salesforce CRM and its strong automation that allows us to deliver personalized account-based marketing and sales programs from a single platform.” 

Vidyard enlisted the help of partner Demand Spring, a certified Marketo services agency, for the migration and rollout.

“We wanted to make sure that we were working with the right architecture from day one,” says Lessard. “Demand Spring optimized the implementation and made sure that we didn’t lose any of our data or insights during migration. This helped us make a big change much more easily.”

“Marketo Engage has been key in helping us achieve a 30% year-over-year increase in pipeline generation for the past four years while only increasing budget by 10% year-over-year."

Tyler Lessard, Vice President of Marketing, Vidyard


Personalized messaging at growing scale

Looking back, Lessard says that he was very impressed by the dramatic transformation at Vidyard. “We transformed our sales model, product experience, and marketing approach all at once,” says Lessard. “It was a huge amount of change. The secret to our success is that we had buy-in from everyone. Every team—product, marketing, sales, digital, PR—came together and offered ideas to make it work.” 

Digital and content teams built a strong foundation to attract more customers to the website through measures such as optimized SEO, refreshed content, and a new blog. These efforts helped Vidyard increase website traffic by 110% over 12 months.

Getting visitors to the website was only the first step. The harder part was getting visitors to stay and turning these prospects into paying customers. This is where Marketo Engage shined. Lessard and his team used the application to create custom landing pages for different campaigns and audiences. These landing pages guide audiences towards different types of engagement, such as signing up for a free account, registering for a webinar, downloading assets, or watching an inspirational video. By using Marketo Engage to determine the most relevant message for visitors on the website, Vidyard increased engagement by more than 30%.

Once Vidyard has a prospect’s contact information, Marketo Engage starts automatically working out the next steps. The application looks at a wide range of information to properly identify and segment the prospect. This can be interactions on the website, such as what features they look at, tips they view, or videos they watch. It also includes information about the prospect themselves, such as their job title or what industry they work in. If the prospect has a free account, Marketo Engage can also look at how they’re using Vidyard to create or deliver videos.

The Adobe solution automatically segments prospects and enrolls them in automated nurturing campaigns. This intelligent automation is the key to helping the 20 people on Lessard’s team deliver targeted messaging at scale.

“Marketo Engage has been key in helping us achieve a 30% year-over-year increase in pipeline generation for the past four years while only increasing budget by 10% year-over-year,” says Lessard. “We’re generating a significant amount more traffic to our website. Without Marketo Engage, so many of those leads would just be falling through the cracks. The solution gives us an easy, automated, and systematic way to identify people, segment audiences, and deliver targeted communications that move prospects down the sales funnel effortlessly.”

“With help from Marketo Engage, we doubled the number of paying customers in 14 months by allowing our sales team to work smarter."

Tyler Lessard, Vice President of Marketing, Vidyard


Creating an efficient sales pipeline

Lessard enjoys marketing for how it allows him to connect with people, but he knows that the ultimate goal of the marketing team is to generate more sales opportunities and move prospects through the sales pipeline.

Using the integration between Marketo Engage and Salesforce CRM, Vidyard can get critical insights into the hands of the sales team quickly. When Lessard and his team send targeted email offers, Marketo Engage can identify prospects who watch at least 50% of the video and push that information to the sales team through Salesforce. This allows the sales team to follow up with prospects during a time of heightened engagement. 

The Adobe application also digs deeper to surface information that helps sales teams work more effectively. Automated lead qualification scores help sales teams identify key accounts with greater level of interest or propensity to buy. Marketo Engage can also identify cases where multiple individual Vidyard accounts are being used at a single organization. This insight helps the sales teams work more efficiently and prioritize energy on more high-quality leads in the growing customer base. 

“The launch of the freemium model has helped us grow the number of overall customers in our pipeline, which could easily overwhelm the sales team. Marketo Engage gives our sales team the information that they need to approach the right customers with the right offers at the right time,” says Lessard. “With help from Marketo Engage, we doubled the number of paying customers in 14 months by allowing our sales team to work smarter.”


Using video to reach out across distances

While Lessard has seen more companies recognizing the power of video communications in recent years, video has reached a new level of importance given the shift towards remote work. Vidyard hosted more webinars and virtual events to show customers different ways of using video. Sales teams can create personalized videos to introduce themselves to clients virtually. Internal communications teams can use video to share news, connect coworkers, and go over any back-to-work procedures.

“During our transformation at Vidyard, we realized how important it is to have strong communication and alignment among all teams,” says Lessard. “Video has the power to change how businesses connect and achieve true transformation—and our own marketing automation is helping spread that message.”


Vidyard was named a finalist in the 2020 Experience Maker Awards in the Experience Maker Team of the Year category for its strong efforts to work collaboratively and deliver exceptional customer experiences. For more information about the Adobe Experience Maker Awards, go to https://www.adobeexperienceawards.com/