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Upserve finds the recipe for success with higher quality marketing leads using Marketo Engage and Bizible


For many people, running their own restaurant is the ultimate dream. But to successfully establish and grow a popular, profitable restaurant, owners and managers need all the help they can get when it comes to creating the best customer experiences. Enter Upserve, a leading restaurant point-of-sale (POS) and management software company based in Providence, Rhode Island. Upserve enables restaurateurs to streamline operations such as payment processing, purchasing, and inventory management, helping them increase profits and exceed guest expectations.

Upserve has similar goals for its own business, but its prospective customers can be difficult to reach with marketing messages. Restaurant owners are typically busy, skeptical, and extremely price sensitive. To reach its audience with email newsletters and marketing communications that resonate, Upserve uses Marketo Engage, part of Adobe Experience Cloud. Upserve builds all landing pages in Marketo Engage to support lead generation, using smart campaigns to easily control who receives marketing messages and what type of content they receive. Upserve also uses Marketo Engage as an automated reporting platform to track value for affiliate marketers.

“Marketo Engage is core to everything we do, generating 99% of our leads,” says Stephanie O’Reilly, Marketing Operations Analyst at Upserve. “I’m in Marketo most of my workday, creating campaigns, sending out newsletters and promotions, doing A/B testing, and tracking responses. It’s integral to helping us grow the company.”


  • Provide more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) without increasing media budget

  • Accurately measure the contributions of channels and marketing campaigns
  • Improve sales win rates by monitoring the buyer journey from first touch to close


Building an optimized marketing machine

As Upserve’s marketing efforts matured, the company wanted to better understand the impact of its marketing performance and return on investment (ROI) to improve decision making. With many different touchpoints with prospective customers and dozens of marketing campaigns running simultaneously, Upserve needed greater insight into which campaign or campaigns influenced the customer to take action and further engage with the company. 

When reporting leads to sales, Upserve initially focused only on the lead creation touchpoint in Salesforce, leaving out a substantial portion of each prospect’s journey.

To gain more visibility into the complexities and nuances of customer engagement, Upserve began using Bizible’s B2B marketing attribution and reporting software to accurately measure the ROI from efforts including paid digital ads, direct mail, and email marketing campaigns. By telling a more complete story behind where leads are really coming from, what happens after lead creation, and which channels ultimately had the most impact, Bizible enables Upserve to better allocate budget across activities rather than focusing solely on the last touchpoint.

Almost immediately after starting with Bizible, Upserve identified that nearly 40% of its media budget was being wasted on non-performing lead generation campaigns. By simply reallocating that budget, Upserve increased marketing qualified leads (MQLs) by 90%.

“After using Bizible and analyzing the data, we moved our media budget to higher performing channels,” says Justin Denk, Digital Marketing Manager at Upserve. “We feel really good about making those kinds of decisions because we now have the visibility to justify them.”


The right ingredients for quality leads

Upserve now provides more opportunities to the sales team while reducing its cost per MQL, helping the company grow faster and make more efficient use of its media budget. As a result, the sales team has seen a bump in win rates that translates into higher revenue.

“With Bizible, we increased both the volume and quality of marketing qualified leads delivered to sales,” says Denk. “Even with a flat budget, we can still increase yield, which is the Holy Grail of marketing. Even better, we’re able to tie those MQLs to revenue.”

A recipe for success

The combination of Marketo Engage and Bizible empowers Upserve to reach more restaurateurs and succeed in one of the most competitive industries. As its prospects interact with email and blog content, Upserve can see the different channels they go through and monitor the buyer journey from first touch to close.

“If we didn’t have Marketo and Bizible, the impact to our business would be pretty severe,” says Denk. “It would be like flying a plane and suddenly all your gauges go out. We’d be flying blind.”