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Marketo played its part in changing the way StatPro targets, nurtures, and acquires new customers. The hosted, easy-to-use solution redefines what is possible with marketing automation and plays a major role in optimising StatPro’s marketing campaign productivity.

Ted Todorov Ted Todorov
Online Marketing Executive


  • Chose Marketo over competitive solution based on breadth of marketing automation functionality, ease of use, and speed of deployment
  • Required only a few hours to create, design, and launch a new email campaign—compared with to up to three days when using their previous e-marketing tool
  • Email campaigns more tightly targeted, resulting in a reduction in email unsubscribe rates
  • Marketing team more tightly aligned with sales team
  • Developed and launched in partnership with Marketo Customer Enablement and Marketo Education



The StatPro cloud-based portfolio analytics service provides fund administrators and asset managers worldwide with sophisticated portfolio performance measurement, risk, contribution, allocation and attribution analysis. Previous reliance on a lead management tool and below-par email management technology was driving StatPro down a dead-end street. Besides the fact the two systems were not integrated with one another, they weren’t fully integrated with the Salesforce CRM platform either. This led to a significant amount of manual intervention by the StatPro marketing team for campaign management. For example, it took a couple of hours for a member of the marketing team to segment and load the campaign profile data. Moreover, this fragmented approach to marketing management denied the company a holistic overview of sales leads and their journey through the sales pipeline.



Marketo comfortably outperformed its competitors during StatPro’s analysis of solutions. In the company’s opinion, Marketo not only offered a greater breadth of marketing automation functionality (including the ability to quickly build process flows and despatch mass emails), but was also easier to use and faster to deploy. StatPro implemented Spark by Marketo to accelerate and improve the company’s revenue performance management. In the past, leads identified through marketing activity were manually pushed to the sales teams’ ‘to do’ list. Now the qualified leads are received automatically by sales, with everyone worldwide able to follow all subsequent action taken with the opportunity. The robustness and flexibility of Marketo also enabled StatPro’s marketing team to create their own ‘refer a friend’ functionality, and quickly adapt campaigns to include functions such as ‘opt in/out’, and many more.



Live since January 2012, StatPro’s Spark by Marketo implementation was configured, developed, and launched with assistance from Marketo Customer Enablement and Marketo Education. It took just one hour to synchronize existing leads with Salesforce CRM. It only takes a few hours now to create, design, and launch a new email campaign—compared to up to three days previously using their existing marketing solutions. Email campaigns are more tightly targeted and timely now too, resulting in a reduction in email unsubscribe rates among prospects. Simultaneously, StatPro’s marketing team is more tightly aligned with the sales team, since campaigns are being launched more quickly and content is based on timely market information received from sales. Although live for eight months, StatPro sales team is already seeing the green shoots of sales growth using Marketo.