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Marketo helps rhipe digital marketing boost contribution to sales

rhipe LTD is the leading cloud software licensing expert in the Asia-Pacific region. The company’s licensing, services, and support offerings enable its customers—service providers, system integrators, and software vendors—to help their customers transform their businesses by accelerating cloud adoption. A major contributor to rhipe’s success is its strong focus on building long-term customer relationships. The company provides 24/7 support in multiple languages for solutions from 27 vendors. rhipe also offers numerous webinars and events to educate customers, not only on the software they sell but also on best practices and industry trends.
These activities keep customers engaged and drive repeat business. Last year, the company brought Pierre Flovie on board as head of digital marketing to tackle the challenges the company faced. For example, leads were falling through the cracks, and there were issues with data quality captured by the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system and shared with Marketo. Pierre and the marketing team immediately went to work, fully leveraging Marketo’s leading-edge functionality and its integration with MS Dynamics 365 to address the challenges. They are already achieving remarkable results.


  • Help sales close more business by increasing the volume and quality of leads
  • Closely align sales and marketing through tight integration between Marketo and MS Dynamics 365
  • Engage prospects by ensuring that new leads receive sales follow-up within 20 minutes

Increasing MQLs

When Pierre joined rhipe, several major issues required his immediate attention. The marketing database was problematic. The CRM system had been configured in a way that resulted in duplicate entries—and the duplication was processed into Marketo. Neither marketing nor sales had visibility into the buyer journey—so both teams were struggling to understand what types of campaigns would accelerate the sales cycle.
In addition, new leads weren’t receiving attention because sales reps didn’t have time to follow up. Pierre tackled the configuration of the CRM system and the integration of that system with Marketo. He also outsourced lead follow-up as a temporary fix while the company established an internal team to bring the targeting of net new inquiries back in house. The in-house team now receives alerts through Marketo Sales Insights when new leads come in. Within 20 minutes the new prospects get a call—while their interest level is high. Pierre says this has dramatically increased the number of MQLs.
“In the past, most new inquiries never made it from non-lead to MQL status,” Pierre recalls. “Within the first year, we increased conversion from new lead to MQL by 450%. And Marketo lead scoring is enabling sales to focus on the hottest prospects. Everyone is thrilled: marketing, sales, and senior management.”

Driving up delivery rates, open rates, and click-throughs

Previously, poor data quality was negatively affecting deliverability, open rates, and click-throughs. According to Pierre, the efforts his team expended around improving data quality in addition to mapping the buyer journey and streamlining the Marketo and CRM integration are paying off in a variety of ways. 

“We’re taking advantage of Marketo’s soft and hard bounce management to eliminate invalid email addresses and get updated addresses whenever possible,” Pierre says. “When a message bounces, we notify sales through the CRM system. The sales rep follows up and, if possible, gets the correct address. As a result, our email delivery rate rose from 88% to 99.x%. Open rates jumped to 40%. And, more important, our click-through rate is as high as 10%, compared to an industry benchmark of 2.2%.”

Innovating to drive engagement

Pierre and his team are constantly strengthening customer engagement through continued innovation. For example, they are leveraging Marketo to increase participation in live surveys at events. Each year, the company conducts summits in five countries across Southeast Asia. In previous years, survey response rates at these summits ranged from 10% to 20%. This year, the company used SMS through Marketo to push out live surveys at each summit and displayed the results immediately on an on-screen dashboard. Live surveys drove up response rates to 80% to 90%.