• Scored leads greater than 50 are 6x more likely to become opportunities than non-scored leads
  • Accelerated marketing and sales alignment drives top-line growth
  • Marketing department transformed into a true revenue-generating organization
  • Introduced systematic process of nurturing prospective buyers forward through the revenue cycle, and measuring buyer engagement at every step of the process
  • Sales teams get the information and tools they need to prioritize their time, and engage with the most qualified prospective buyers at exactly the moment each buyer is ready to act



The call coming from senior management at the Business Discovery platform provider QlikView was clear: we want more value from marketing quicker, and we want that value to be proven. Specifically, the company needed to call a halt to unfiltered leads being delivered to the telesales-based business development representatives (BDRs) with an unknown degree of sales readiness. The company was also looking to leverage the effectiveness of global marketing campaigns in over 100 countries. QlikView also had to “love every lead”—accurately scoring leads, profiling them, nurturing leads through the sales pipeline, and separating prospects that are ready to buy the business intelligence solutions from those that aren’t.



Marketo, the best-in-class marketing automation technology, provides QlikView with an expanded flow of leads and agile revenue performance management. Raw suspects and prospects are scored, until they reach an accumulated points score, at which point the BDR team contacts the prospects within an agreed SLA. Subsequently leads are validated and scored based on their purchase intent, following which the opportunity is identified and confirmed by the Sales team. This enables QlikView to automate and measure demand generation campaigns that generate more high-quality sales leads for the company’s business intelligence solutions.



Marketo provides QlikView with unrivalled visibility at every stage of the revenue cycle. For example, the dashboard shows that leads with a lead score of more than 50 are six times more likely to become opportunities than non-scored leads. This plays a key role in justifying investment in the BDR resources. The technology is also immensely popular and easy to use—the Brazilian subsidiary for instance was able to go live also immediately with Marketo. As part of an innovative, large-scale Marketo deployment, QlikView also created an app around the 2010 Soccer World Cup, named ‘Kick It and Qlik It’. Targeted at every prospect in the database in 14 countries and 10 languages, the Marketo-based app created 74,000 landing pages and led to 8 million page impressions. This ultimately led to a unified view of QlikView’s customers, which the company could build upon to score leads, nurture opportunities, and subsequently pass onto QlikView Sales.