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Subscription revenue YOY (2minuteclub.com) 


Email revenue YOY (purador.com)


Purador.com+2minuteclub.com highest month revenue

MuteSix leverages Marketo to increase 2-Minute Club revenue 4000+% YOY and drive PURA D’OR email revenue up 50%



Sophisticated Marketo email campaigns enable segmentation, personalization, and targeting that helps convert one-time buyers into long-term subscribers. 

PURA D’OR naturally based hair care products are widely known for their restorative capabilities. PURA D’OR sells through purador.com and 14,000 retail stores across the U.S. In October 2015, the company launched 2minuteclub.com to offer its products on a subscription basis. To build revenue on both websites, PURA D’OR marketing engaged MuteSix, an agency focused on growing user acquisition for its clients. Jason Boehle, Marketing Automation Director at MuteSix, realized that to meet PURA D’OR’s aggressive revenue goals, the company would need to replace its current email service provider (ESP) with Marketo, a digital marketing solution that offers segmentation and personalization capabilities that are now empowering PURA D’OR to nurture single-purchase customers and upsell them to subscription purchases. The result: Subscription revenue rose 4,400% year over year and PURA D’OR email revenue jumped 50% year over year. 


  • Upsell one-time purchasers to subscription purchasers on 2minuteclub.com
  • Segment customers and target them with personalized campaigns to drive additional sales
  • Maintain high deliverability across PURA D’OR and 2-Minute Club promotional messaging 


Converting one-time buyers to subscription holders

MuteSix worked closely with PURA D’OR marketing team in developing a strategy to rapidly increase revenues. The strategy involved converting one-time purchasers on purador.com to subscription purchasers on 2minuteclub.com. To make that strategy work, MuteSix recommended replacing the current ESP, which was limited in functionality and scalability, with a heavy-duty digital marketing solution that provides strong data segmentation and targeting capabilities along with a high degree of automation. He recommended Marketo. Just four months after replacing the ESP, nurture campaigns on both websites delivered exceptional results

 "Marketo custom objects eliminate the limitations of the one-to-one email approach used by ESPs. With custom objects, we can create one-to- many relationships, allowing more granular segmentation, personalization, and targeting. We use Marketo forms to capture lead data on the two websites. We invite purador.com visitors to opt into email, which triggers an email welcome series. Thirty days after they purchase on purador.com we target them for conversion to 2-Minute Club, where they can take advantage of discounts and special offers. Marketo also handles recurring transactional messages regarding product shipments and billing."



Compelling results and room to grow

MuteSix notes that all Marketo-based campaigns have been enormously successful. In the first four months, 2-Minute Club subscription revenues skyrocketed 4,400% year over year and PURA D’OR email revenue increased 50% year over year. Last month’s combined revenue for the two sites exceeded the previous highest revenue month by 124%. On top of that, the team is achieving 98% deliverability across promotional messaging for PURA D’OR and 2-Minute Club. In addition, promotional campaigns that MuteSix created for Black Friday and Cyber Monday blew out all expectations—for both MuteSix and PURA D’OR. 

"With Marketo, we’re in a position to grow with this client,” Jason concludes. “We’re already looking into push notifications, mobile capabilities, and the ability to integrate with different platforms to capture mobile metrics for app downloads. There are a lot of options and a lot of opportunities that will help us continue to drive success for PURA D’OR and 2-Minute Club."