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Impeccable customer service is just one example of how Marketo has partnered with NanoLumens. Marketo’s ease of use, thought leadership, adding partners and creating new tools all the time to make my life easier and further me in my career--you can’t ask for anything better than that.

nanolumens photo of sarah shelnut gestionnaire de g n ration de demande Sarah Shelnut
Demand Generation Manager


  • Q1 2014 opportunities up 150% over Q1 2013
  • Lead database increased over 650%
  • 3900% increase in average monthly inbound leads



NanoLumens is a large format LED display manufacturer, focused on immersive environments. Prior to switching to Marketo, inbound leads were almost nonexistent. One of the most difficult issues for NanoLumens was locating the right touch points within a potential customer organization. “Ours is probably one of the most complicated sales processes you’ll ever come across,” explains Sarah Shelnut, Demand Generation Manager at NanoLumens. “We deal with industries ranging from retail to sports to casinos and the people that we need to speak to at those companies never have the same title. Before Marketo, NanoLumens was utilizing a marketing automation software, but it lacked robust reporting and was difficult to use. Without a way to identify whether web content was being consumed and by whom, NanoLumens created little content. Leads were largely collected by attending trade shows and via word of mouth. NanoLumens recognized the need for a robust solution with increased capability and insight into how customers were interacting with the NanoLumens brand, as well as help one that could help them identify the right touch points in each organization to make the sale happen. They chose Marketo.



NanoLumens now has automated reporting on web page views through Marketo that identify what industries are visiting the site and who might be potential customers. With the Marketo’s Customer Engagement Engine, NanoLumens has created five different stages to the sales process and can track how each customer is progressing through those stages. NanoLumens has established different nurture streams for different industries and lead types. “We have so many streams, it’s unreal,” says Shelnut. “Marketo makes it so user-friendly and so easy to set up and keeps it all organized. I can just activate and deactivate content with the click of a button. My job got ten times easier because I’m no longer have to micromanage my programs; Marketo’s doing it for me.”

Marketo also enables NanoLumens to set limits on how often customers receive correspondence from the company and content can be targeted and personalized because the company knows who is downloading, when they are downloading, and what they are interested in. In addition, Marketo enables progressive profiling, so customers don’t feel like they’re being asked hundreds of questions at once. Every piece of information on a customer is automatically added to the contact in the CRM database. Marketo’s intuitive and easy-to-use solution means even new users can edit emails and create content while the Marketo community provides immediate access to answers and best practices from the company and other Marketo users. 



Since implementing Marketo, NanoLumens’s lead database has increased more than 650%. Despite attending fewer trade shows, NanoLumens sees substantially more leads year over year, resulting in huge savings for the company. In the months following the implementation of Marketo, NanoLumens saw inbound leads increase significantly. Two and a half years after their Marketo implementation, NanoLumens sees approximately 200 new leads each month, mostly through Marketo forms on their website. Leads were up 150% percent Q1 2014 over the same period in 2013.

Shelnut has also benefited personally from her work with Marketo. “Since getting the Marketo certification and becoming a certified expert, I’m treated as a thought leader in the workplace and not just the doer,” says Shelnut. “People trust my strategies and my input and they really see that I bring value to the table. I went from being the receptionist at the front desk, getting sodas for people, to being demand generation manager a thought leader. In three years. That’s not bad and Marketo has had a lot to do with it.”