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  • Increased lead flow from less than 1,000 to more than 4,000 qualified leads monthly
  • Grew revenues by 400% by accelerating sales pipeline velocity
  • Improved partner collaboration, further boosting revenues and market share



For MobileIron, the innovator in enterprise management and security for mobile devices and apps, the rapidly growing enterprise mobile security market was increasing the quantity of prospects to the point that the company could no longer effectively manage the deluge of leads. Prospects were falling through the cracks and the company needed a way to systematically funnel prospects into and through the global channel-centric sales pipeline. In addition, MobileIron needed to provide customized content for each of their leads based on sales stage and close more deals with its channel partners.



Using Marketo, MobileIron created and ran campaigns that delivered specific and relevant stage-specific content to each lead. The personalized content delivered via Marketo helped move all leads more rapidly through MobileIron’s sales playbook: from lead, first meeting, deep dive, smart start/evaluation, RFI/RFP, to close. Additionally MobileIron implemented behavioral-based lead scoring and by applying a 5/10/15 day lead aging notification alert, the automated process reduced much of the manual work and aided both MobileIron and its partners in becoming more productive.

MobileIron has also begun to monitor each monthly tranche of leads with the help of Marketo and Any leads that are now put into the “drip” tank as “not ready-to-purchase” also receive monthly updates via Marketo and often become active again and promoted to the Sales/Partner owner via a Marketo-based “Retread” campaign. This active, closed-loop measurement of MobileIron’s marketing programs and lead funnel have helped determine future marketing investments. In the near future, MobileIron will integrate Marketo’s Revenue Cycle Analytics into their Go-to-Market strategy to further measure the sales and marketing revenue return on investment.



With Marketo’s help, MobileIron has increased its lead flow from less than 1,000 monthly to more than 4,000 qualified inbound monthly leads from both paid and organic lead sources. Through lead nurturing, the marketing team and MobileIron’s global partners have closed more than 1,000 customers and are generating more than 2,400 new opportunities quarterly. Resulting revenue have increased more than 400% since the beginning of 2011 and more than 40 partners have now closed five or more deals in the last six months, a 250% increase over the first quarter of 2011.