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With Bizible, Mitel’s marketing team was able to demonstrate their business impact and attribute 2x more pipeline revenue to their activities




Legacy Attribution Created Universally Known Problems

Mitel is a global telecommunications company that helps businesses of all sizes connect, collaborate and take care of customers. Like many companies that sell to other businesses, Mitel has a complex customer journey that spans numerous channels over many stages, which leads to long, non-linear journeys and serious data challenges.

To measure their impact, Mitel’s marketing team used their CRM’s native last-touch attribution, which created well-known issues. Derek Gunn, Senior Manager, Marketing Automation & Analytics, says that Mitel’s sales leaders would see the data and ask why the company invested in any top and mid-funnel activities, since they never received any attribution credit.

In an attempt to solve the problem, Mitel brought in a CRM campaign-based attribution tool, which led to other problems. Because this tool required a rigid and specific CRM campaign structure to function, it was incompatible with Mitel’s data. Essentially, if the interaction wasn’t strictly architected, the data wouldn’t be captured. As a result, data was missing, things that weren’t missing were wrong, and, ultimately, nobody trusted the data.

Mitel needed attribution that could handle their complex buying journey and offered the flexibility to work with their unique data and processes.


Implementing Bizible

In 2018, Mitel implemented Bizible to give their team the accurate data and the insights they needed. It made a drastic difference – from accurately tracking organic channels, to properly attributing credit when prospects go backwards and then forwards again in the funnel to processes that make creating campaign sync rules accurate and easy to manage. 

Soon, the entire team across functions recognized that it was the right way to do reporting. With Bizible, Mitel finally had complete and accurate attribution data.


Complete Visibility into Performance

Bizible has given Mitel’s marketing team complete visibility into what’s working and what isn’t. According to Derek, “We can now answer questions like, ‘What’s the business impact of our PPC campaigns or our SEO this month? We never could have got that information before.’”

For one, the SEO team now has the data to prove their impact. “You can tell the exact date that Bizible was implemented because you now see the Organic data.” And it’s helped them make the case for allocating more resources into their SEO and other organic efforts.

Mitel now has the data to make smart budget decisions about different marketing tactics. “We were overspending in areas that weren’t generating the revenue that we need to see... we can now say to campaigns that were driving a lot of leads but few opportunities, ‘Let’s get rid of them.’”

The increased visibility has also driven alignment with marketing’s sales counterparts. They can now show the sales team the downstream impact of marketing efforts throughout the entire funnel, including influencing deals beyond the opportunity creation stage.

Together it makes a big difference.  In just a year, Mitel’s marketing team was able to attribute 2x more pipeline revenue to their activities. Ultimately, CRMs and campaign-based attribution don’t suffice for attribution. “Bizible is definitely worth the investment because of the extra insight that you don’t get from the CRM. CRMs are not designed for marketers.”

"Bizible displays the information in a way that marketing needs, so that they can make the best decisions and get the most out of their money.”