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Exceeded “meetings scheduled” quota


Leads generated by sales development


Sales development revenue pipeline


Sales development needed to spend less time creating emails and more time identifying leads, scheduling prospect meetings, and delivering win-ready opportunities to the sales team. 

Using emails sent by 750 top U.S. publishers and brands, LiveIntent helps more than 450 top brands deliver marketing and advertising messages to over 92 million unique, engaged people each month. According to Digital Marketing Manager, Scott Daily, the company built its first sales development team in order to have a dedicated group focused on lead generation and scheduling meetings with prospects for the sales team. However, a disjointed hand-off process and disconnected tools for CRM and digital marketing made that job nearly impossible. Everything changed when LiveIntent switched to Marketo. Now the team has a smarter way to find the right opportunities and close more deals. 



Value in just 30 days 

LiveIntent sales development representatives (SDRs) engage prospects through targeted outreach via phone calls and emails, with the goal of generating a steady stream of qualified opportunities for sales. Unfortunately, with their prior email marketing tool, the SDR team’s time was consumed by creating and sending emails, and identifying what leads were generated. Leads were slipping through the cracks and timely follow-up was an issue. LiveIntent eliminated these obstacles with Marketo Sales Insights. The solution was up and running, and delivering value in less than 30 days. Extensive automation and tight integration directly within Salesforce eliminated the need to switch between two systems, so SDRs now have more time for engaging with the right prospects at the right time and setting up conversations for the sales team.

"Marketo gives us visibility into what’s working and who is actually engaging. We can prioritize outreach in our CRM system, which is where the salespeople work. The right leads are coming in and we’re reaching out to them and getting great results.” 


Kudos from senior management 

With Marketo, LiveIntent aligned marketing, sales development, and sales efforts through a unified sales process. Scott and his team began by building reports in Salesforce to identify the backlog of leads for follow-up. They then sent emails through Sales Insight and reported on who was opening, clicking, and engaging. Because of that visibility, the team booked 50% more meetings in the first week alone.

The team cleared most of the lead backlog within the first 30 days. In the next 30 days, lead velocity accelerated, as formerly one-way communications evolved into two-way conversations that were tailored based on prospect behaviors. Today, email messages go out automatically and salespeople receive a list of prospects that they can prioritize based on interest and behavior.

"The feedback is quite motivating. For example, the Vice President of Ad Sales actively calls out our successes in meetings. He’s thrilled that his people are getting the right leads and the right data, so they know where and how to spend their time. The numbers are also impressive. In the first quarter after implementing Marketo, we increased leads generated by 97% over the previous quarter and increased the sales development revenue pipeline by 101%.”