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  • Highly focused marketing: K12 increased productivity, reducing the need of hundreds of emails to 4 per campaign.
  • Efficient marketing: K12 leveraged Marketo to shrink the number of its landing pages by 150% and more effectively aggregate the data.
  • Democratized marketing: Marketo's intuitive tools will empower large numbers of users, maximizing how resources are used across the company


K12 is the nation's leading provider of online education for grades k-12, offering award-winning solutions to public and private educational institutions, as well as to individual students and families. K12's goal was to have one solution for their B2B and B2C marketing. They required a smart system that would allow for exceptional revenue analysis and seamless integration with Salesforce.com. They also wanted the benefits of scalable marketing tools while engaging parents earnestly about critical choices for their children's education.


Marketo's intuitive interface empowered K12's marketing and enrollment teams to begin to democratize campaigns across their organization. In the B2C realm, this means that the agility and robustness of Marketo's platform enables K12 to have very meaningful conversations with families about their children's education and to nurture those relationships not only authentically, but cost-effectively. Once K12 decided on Saleforce.com, Marketo was the obvious choice for automated marketing solution as both systems share the same data model and database, enabling K12 to get the most out of their lead-routing algorithms. As K12's VP of Marketing, Dianne Conley explains, "With Salesforce.com and Marketo, it was very important for us to think about how the systems would work together rather than thinking of them as isolated platforms." K12 can track the entire customer lifecycle, from initial touch point, to lead acquisition, to lead nurturing and conversion—allowing for a big picture view of what's really going on in the pipeline and insightful business decisions.


Since adopting Marketo, K12 has successfully leveraged more of its resources—the intuitive platform is being adopted by ranks of business teams, enabling K12 to reach out to a vast number of prospects and customers in a conversational way. Additionally, K12 has streamlined its processes, reducing landing pages by 150% and producing dynamic campaigns with 3 or 4 emails rather than hundreds. Ultimately, it's allowing K12 to reach out to its database both efficiently and meaningfully—and that's channeled directly to the top line. "Marketo has really looked at K12 as a partner," Dianne Conley says, "and has been incredibly interested in our roadmap and how they can help us get to the next level." K12 is looking strategically across their organization to create a plan to scale their business with Marketo.