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Increase in deal velocity


Increase in pipeline 


Minutes saved in campaign execution

“With our previous vendor, nurture programs were linear and inflexible. With Marketo, we are freed to build incredibly robust workflows that adapt in real time to individual behavior and interests. Our prospects now define their own journey instead of following a predefined path” 

- Tim Doolittle, Director of Marketing Operations


  • Free marketing to create sophisticated campaigns that adapt to customer journeys
  • Provide reps with detail-rich insights they need to craft meaningful “first-touch” interactions
  • Streamline lead management with a “Best-in-class” Salesforce CRM sync


HotSchedules is a leading software solutions provider for the hospitality industry with over 33,000 customers. Designed for independent organizations, franchise operators and international enterprise brands, the company serves over 2.8 million users across 160,000 locations in 56 countries – helping them control costs, increase profitability, and drive operational consistency.

According to Tim Doolittle, Director of Marketing Operations, HotSchedules faces a unique challenge that comes along with supporting a highly franchised model. “Whether we are pitching an idea to the corporate level or communicating an individual message at the franchise level, our marketing communications need to be highly segmented and targeted”.

With their previous marketing automation platform, the marketing team lacked the ability to effectively engage and nurture their audience. “We needed a platform that allowed us to better segment our database, build robust lead workflows, and streamline marketing and sales alignment,” stated Doolittle.


Prospects define their own journey with intelligent nurturing

“We did an in-depth evaluation and established three primary factors on which to make our decision - platform reliability, powerful analytics and the ability to scale with the demands of our marketing programs. Marketo, very quickly showed to be the best-in-class solution for all three.”

With Marketo, the team is able to create customer journeys that adapt to exactly how their audience wants to move through the funnel, defining their own journey as they progress through their buying process. 

“With Marketo, we can now use “if-then” logic to automatically deliver content based on individual behavior and content consumption patterns. Also, if we need to add new content to an existing nurture we can easily do that without disrupting the current flow or accidentally re-sending content”, states Tim.

Best-in-class SFDC integration improves revenue performance and deal velocity

To drive long-term success, the marketing team knew they had to create true alignment with revenue teams. Today, timely sales responses to the best opportunities is made possible with a best-in-class integration between their Marketo and SFDC CRM instance.

“The integration between SFDC and Marketo is uniquely flexible and hassle-free to maintain. Native APIs into SFDC provide reps with customized, real-time alerts into what a lead is doing. These insights give sales exactly what they need to craft meaningful conversations from the very first call, speeding up the sales process and deal velocity by several days – in some cases by up to 25%”. 

Marketo has also provided the marketing team with deeper reporting capabilities which they have used to intelligently allocate their marketing budget. With clearer insights into which channels are driving the best leads, the team is empowered to make informed decisions in which channels they invest in. So far, these changes have resulted in a 10% lift in pipeline.

Additionally, Tim explains “metric-based insights help us have intelligent conversations with the sales team around service level agreements (SLAs). Direct insight into the lead activity resulting in an MQL and visibility into how sales is following up on MQLs help keep both teams accountable."


"A partnership we value”

 Since implementing Marketo, Tim explains that it “has been night and day for the team.” They have been able to redefine the customer journey, streamline lead management, and gain a better understanding of their business with powerful analytics and reporting. 

They’ve also benefited from rich feature functionality such as program level cloning, making it easier to rebuild existing programs without having to start from scratch. According to Tim, this alone has made it possible for teams to execute campaigns in ¼ of the typical time.  

“Marketo has supported us from the very first day of our migration, getting us up and running well within the first 60 days. Even today, when we submit a support ticket we get what we need in a timely manner. We look at Marketo as a partner of ours who actually cares about our business and wants us to succeed -  it’s is a partnership we value”