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About the company: Since 1984, Hatch® has transformed the lives of young children with technology and classroom materials that prepare them with essential skills to succeed in school and beyond. Hatch is the leading provider of turnkey early learning solutions that include everything from interactive hardware to STEM learning materials for young children; and from adaptive, appropriate software to a full selection of classroom supplies.

Engaging relevant site visitors with high-value content that helps move more prospects through the sales cycle at a faster rate and generating more qualified leads are top priorities for the marketing team. 


  • Deliver personalized content to targeted site visitors to increase website engagement and content consumption
  • Improve both the quality and quantity of leads generated from the online channel



Web Personalization

Leverage Marketo web personalization to identify and serve relevant content and offers to diverse audiences based on such characteristics as location, behavior, and known visitor data.

Test and optimize campaigns using Marketo’s A/B testing tools to deliver optimal messaging and improve performance.

Predictive Content

Take advantage of Marketo’s predictive content recommendations engine to automatically increase content consumption, nurture prospects and educate them on Hatch product offerings to accelerate the sales cycles and generate more relevant, qualified leads. The predictive content engine uses machine learning and predictive analytics to auto-deliver the right content to each visitor.

Within the first few month of deploying Marketo, the Hatch marketing team created 30 personalized campaigns and the content discovery module discovered and tracked 300 content assets, 25 of which were enabled for predictive recommendations.




Higher web engagement and lead generation

  • Personalized web campaigns brought in 10% of new leads created by marketing
  • 18% direct leads conversion rate from clicks on recommended content 

Increased revenue from personalized web engagement

  • Marketing’s top-performing Take a Test Flight campaign created $400K in open opportunities, 1/3 of which led to sales 
  • Predictive content generated $100K in opportunities

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Example of predictive content recommendations on the Hatch Early Learning website

Take a Test Flight2

This highly targeted Take a Test Flight campaign generated $400K in open opportunities, 1/3 of which led to sales.

Recommended Content Report