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Marketo enables us to speak a common language and communicate more effectively throughout a lengthy, complex sales cycle.

echalk photo of paul kuhne director of marketing Paul Kuhne
Director of Marketing


  • Enables marketing and sales to easily communicate in “one common language”
  • Supports and accelerates a lengthy, complex sales cycle
  • Improves productivity and bottom line business results



eChalk — a SaaS-based organization that helps school leaders, teachers, students and parents safely use the web to connect to learning, information and each other — needed a way to make its lead nurturing processes more effective throughout the entire revenue cycle – from suspect through renewing client. eChalk’s marketing, sales and client services organizations were looking to automate their email marketing campaigns and to integrate with their existing salesforce.com system. Finally, eChalk wanted an intuitive solution that would help their sales and client services teams automate and accelerate customer and prospect outreach. 



eChalk selected Marketo Lead Management and Marketo Sales Insight for their marketing automation and sales effectiveness needs. With Marketo, eChalk is reevaluating their marketing processes — defining key metrics for goals, lead scoring processes and procedures. Marketo will also allow eChalk to better monitor, manage and tie revenue results to their marketing and sales efforts.



Marketo will easily support and accelerate eChalk’s complex and lengthy sales cycle and enable eChalk’s marketing and sales teams to reap rewards from their collaborative efforts. Marketo Lead Management will automate email campaigns, as well as deliver advanced lead management and lead nurturing programs. Marketo Sales Insight will help eChalk’s sales and client services teams better understand, prioritize, and interact with the hottest leads. Finally, Marketo’s powerful and robust solution can scale to support eChalk today and in the future.