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Marketo empowers our marketing team with the tools necessary to provide high quality leads to our sales team.

concerro photo of tara heiser director of marketing Tara Heiser
Director of Marketing


  • Ability to efficiently and easily clean and segment salesforce.com data
  • Leads directed to appropriate sales person based on specific product and customer requirement
  • Ability to quickly generate targeted marketing campaigns



Concerro, the market leader in SaaS-based workforce management and emergency response systems that improve both the quality of life and the bottom line, needed a tool to help nurture and qualify leads before sending them to sales. With a deluge of leads feeding directly into salesforce.com, the sales reps weren’t able to prioritize leads or determine the lead’s specific product interest. Further, given the company’s broad array of products, it was crucial that the right leads get routed to the right sales manager.



Today, Marketo provides Concerro with the marketing automation solution they need to develop progressive, dynamic lead generation forms and to clean and standardize their Salesforce.com data for accurate segmentation. Collaborating with the sales managers, the marketing team can design lead generation forms that ask targeted questions about the prospect’s requirements. Concerro is also using Marketo to clean and normalize salesforce.com data which allows them to segment the marketing database more effectively. Currently, the company is generating about 30 email campaigns per month, which are easy to set up and launch.



The Marketo implementation has had a major positive impact on Concerro. Leads are now directed to the appropriate sales person that specializes in the relevant product. In addition, nurturing campaigns are based on lead activity and responses, allowing the marketing team to tailor content to the prospect’s specific interests. Although the sales team receives fewer leads, they are much higher quality and this allows them to focus their time and efforts and drive more value. Also, Concerro is able to quickly determine if the lead is already a customer and can automatically route their request to the appropriate manager rather than wasting the sales manager’s time. This makes the sales team more efficient and also provides them with cleaner, more qualified information.