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Switch to Marketo yields dramatic improvements in campaign effectiveness for Commvault




Superior engagement and nurturing functionality enables marketers to double email invitation open rates and quintuple webinar registrations. 

For six years in a row, independent research firm Gartner, Inc., has ranked Commvault as a leader in the enterprise backup software and integrated appliances market. Staci Gullotta, Worldwide Director of Digital Marketing at Commvault, is committed to helping the company maintain that leadership position. To bring a higher level of innovation to marketing, Staci and her team needed to replace their outdated, difficult-to-use marketing system with a best-of-breed marketing automation solution capable of providing visibility into customer interest across Commvault’s broad product offering and engaging customers with individualized messaging based on that interest. So they undertook an extensive evaluation of the leading solutions and identified Marketo as the best platform for powering Commvault’s multichannel digital marketing strategy. 


  • Increase open and click-through rates through more effective nurturing
  • Boost event registrations through more personalized engagement
  • Improve compliance with global spam regulations

Fast implementation, seamless transition 

Working with Marketo professional services and the Commvault operations team, Staci and her team were able to bring up Marketo in just 25 days. The effort included integrating Marketo with the company’s customer relationship management system and webinar partners, as well as porting landing pages, nurture programs, web forms, and campaigns from the previous solution. Instead of running Marketo in parallel with the system it was replacing, marketing felt confident enough to make the switch overnight, turning off the old system at midnight and turning Marketo on and making it immediately available globally. 

"The go-live was seamless. Our marketers around the world had access to the same web forms, nurture programs, and everything else we had created in the old system, but we were running everything with Marketo."


Dramatic improvements in engagement

Commvault marketers leverage Marketo’s ability to capture an interest indicator each time a contact engages with the website—for example, downloading a piece of content, browsing a particular topic, or participating in an event. They then use insight into interests to promote Commvault webinars via email. For example, for a webinar on “protecting big data,” marketers would send invitations to contacts who browsed Commvault website pages related to big data and perhaps downloaded a white paper on the topic as well. Interest-based targeting is paying off, with registrations for the most recent webinar more than five times higher than the typical average before Marketo.

"We’re completely revamping the way we engage and nurture, moving from a tactical approach that’s reactive to how people interact with us and moving to a more prescriptive approach based on what we know about contacts and what content interests them across multiple channels. As a result of that shift, we are now seeing 32% to 50% open rates and about 1% to 2.5% click-through rates, which is really great for us "



More reliable contact data 

Staci is intent on ensuring that the marketing database contains quality leads, especially when bringing contacts from the 10-year old Salesforce database into Marketo. They recently ran an experiment in which they asked the sales team to identify contacts in the Salesforce database that are prospects for a particular event. Of the contacts identified, marketers extracted 7% that they considered to be viable, active contacts and sent them an email invitation. Because the targeting was so precise with Marketo, the invitation generated a 35% open rate compared with the 10% to 15% percent invitation open rate obtained with the old system. 

"To underscore the importance of quality data, we sent the same invitation to the remaining contacts identified by sales. The results were eye opening: The open rate was only 1% and there were zero click-throughs."

Enhanced spam compliance 

For global marketing teams like Commvault’s, marketing email compliance is increasingly important. The previous marketing system lacked tools to help achieve compliance. Marketo, on the other hand, offered expert guidance and opt-in and opt-out capabilities that are empowering Commvault to comply with strict spam-related mandates in countries such as Canada and Germany. 

"Communicating the compliance message to senior executives and informing them that Marketo has allowed us to become more compliant has been a huge win for us. With the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming in 2018, we are taking an even stronger look at email compliance and making changes to our current implementation."