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↑ 6.2%

30-Day Retention

↑ 70%

Volume of Campaigns
Created & Executed

↑ 5%

Email Deliverability

Cloudflare boosts campaign output tenfold with Marketo





More than 20 million Internet properties enhance the security, performance, and reliability of their business-critical applications and reduce the cost and complexity of network management by using Cloudflare’s intelligent global network.

Cloudflare customers range from individual consumers to businesses large and small. Michelle Tang, who heads up Cloudflare’s marketing operations, notes that the diversity of its customer base presents marketers with tough challenges. The target audience includes both B2C and B2B relationships and those relationships are fluid. An individual consumer downloading a free trial could lead to an enterprise buyer—leading to a relationship that involves multiple Cloudflare services and many users across multiple functional areas.

Cloudflare has been using Marketo Engage for B2B marketing for 4 years. For B2C marketing, however, the marketers were using two email platforms. That meant data was siloed in three disparate platforms. Consequently, marketers couldn’t get a complete picture of the various customer touchpoints and how each interaction affects the buyer journey. The team tackled the challenge by standardizing on Marketo Engage across the board. With a consolidated database on a single marketing automation platform, marketers can now move people seamlessly through the customer journey, delivering the right message to the right person at the right time to create meaningful conversations.


  • Consolidate data onto a single platform to gain visibility into all interactions across multiple online and offline channels
  • Improve the customer experience as people transition from trial downloads to subscriptions and additional purchases
  • Scale up the number of campaigns executed as well as the number of prospects reached


Standardization and integration speeds campaign development

Before standardizing on Marketo Engage, Michelle and her team were struggling to scale up the number and velocity of email campaigns. 

However, building a new campaign required engaging engineering resources to integrate the email platforms with various tools, code email messages, and pull together campaign components and data. That process took at least a week.

Integrations with Marketo are fast and easy through APIs and webhooks, so marketing doesn’t need to hire a dedicated engineer. Today, Cloudflare’s Marketo implementation interacts with more than 10 other tools, enabling marketers to leverage data from multiple sources and run automated trigger campaigns such as:

1) Automating the lead ingestion of several content syndication vendors which saves us time from having to do weekly list imports.
2) Daily subscription to the Cloudflare blog to receive the latest news and thought leadership information

“Marketo Engage automates our marketing efforts. For example, we’ve built a library of templates to handle various campaign types. And we’re making them available to campaign owners who can pick a template, clone it, and tailor it for a particular purpose. With this approach, people can spin up a new campaign in literally five minutes. As a result, we’re running 70% more campaigns than before.”


Visibility across multiple channels boosts campaign value

With Marketo Engage, Michelle and her team are expanding to channels other than email, including digital ads, roadshows, webinars, tradeshows, and physical mailers. All interactions, whether online or offline, are captured and fed into the consolidated database, giving marketing and sales visibility into the email messages, mailers, and ads customers have received, the events they’ve attended, and any additional products that interest them.

Marketers have leveraged Marketo Engage to establish a clear definition of what represents a marketing-qualified lead and are fine-tuning their lead-scoring approach. As a result, the outbound sales team has solid data for prioritizing leads based on the hottest opportunities at any given time.

“We’re just getting started, but we’ve already built a variety of automated campaigns that are delivering significant value. Our onboarding campaign is a great example. It’s an automated email drip series that familiarizes new users with Cloudflare services during the first 30 days after a trial download or purchase. By nurturing them through the startup process we’ve seen a 6.2% improvement in our 30-day retention by rate. We’re expecting many more successes like this one.”