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  • Improved lead quality and probability to close
  • Increased lead-to-opportunity conversion rate by 20%
  • Boosted marketing productivity and overall sales effectiveness



Prior to Marketo, Cloud9 Analytics, a global leader of on-demand operational performance management solutions, had no marketing automation system, a one-person marketing team, and no viable way to sufficiently fuel its revenue cycle. Drip email campaigns aimed at generating new leads were run manually, a process that was time consuming, inefficient and not scalable.



Today, Cloud9 Analytics uses Marketo Lead Management for email marketing and lead nurturing campaigns that help establish and maintain a trusted relationship with existing and prospective customers. Triggered by lead scoring, qualified leads are automatically routed to the Cloud9 Analytics inside sales team for priority attention.  In addition, Cloud9 Analytics can now scale to support international partners with targeted marketing campaigns that have been cloned and customized for different regions.



With Marketo, the Cloud9 Analytics marketing team has significantly reduced its reliance on outside resources and can truly do more with less.  One Marketo power user executes email marketing and lead nurturing campaigns that would otherwise require three to four resources to complete.  The impact of Marketo campaigns includes a 20% boost in lead-to-opportunity conversion rate, better lead quality and a higher probability to close. Finally, Marketo has improved marketing productivity and overall sales effectiveness, while empowering the Cloud9 Analytics marketing team to support the needs of international partners with the same budget and resources.