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BetterCloud turns marketing into a measurable revenue engine with Marketo Engage and Bizible




For most businesses these days, Software as a Service (SaaS) is the go-to option for any new application deployments because of its fast time to value and ease of use. But as SaaS applications proliferate across an organization, enforcing consistent management and security policies can become challenging for IT and security teams. BetterCloud offers a better way, developing SaaS Operations Management software that allows companies to manage and secure their digital workplaces.

Founded in 2011, BetterCloud bootstrapped for a few years, focusing primarily on outbound sales to fill its pipeline. As BetterCloud built and fine-tuned its marketing department, it needed solutions that would help turn marketing into a revenue engine and accurately measure its contributions. A previous effort with Pardot had not been widely adopted, and BetterCloud sought a more effective and easy-to-use solution to automate lead management and email marketing. It decided to switch from Pardot to Marketo Engage, part of Adobe Experience Cloud.

“Marketo is the industry standard for a reason,” says Derek Ries, Principal, Marketing Operations at BetterCloud. “It’s foolproof, and that’s crucial. Lead scoring and campaign workflows are consistent and very easy to understand.”


  • Increase and measure the amount of revenue generated by marketing
  • Move more marketing qualified leads (MQLs) into the sales pipeline
  • Identify additional prospective customers who have expressed interest


Marketing to a tough audience

Marketing is especially challenging for BetterCloud because it seeks to influence a seasoned and sophisticated audience of IT and security professionals who are highly prized and heavily targeted. Marketing operations and demand generation managers need to quickly understand which channels and campaigns are working well, whether online or offline, and which landing pages or forms are converting the best. To help its marketing department measure and plan for revenue, BetterCloud began using B2B marketing attribution and reporting software from Bizible, Marketo’s flagship attribution offering.

From first touch to close, Bizible enables BetterCloud to accurately measure the return on investment (ROI) from all its channels, including display and paid advertising, organic search, content syndication, events, webinars, direct mail campaigns, and email marketing. After lead information is captured, BetterCloud can tie back the upstream anonymous data, as well as unify the lead’s touchpoint data across the account for true account-based measurement and revenue attribution. Additionally, predictive account engagement scores from Bizible are fed back into Marketo Engage to complement lead scoring and help marketing and sales focus their efforts.

We use Marketo Engage to do A/B testing and look at the performance of email campaigns, then leverage Bizible data points to make sure we’re hitting the mark and serving relevant ads and emails through the channels each person prefers.” 


Increased demand velocity at every stage

BetterCloud’s digital marketers examine the top of the funnel, looking at first touches and lead creation touches across marketing channels, campaigns, landing pages, and updated content. Further down the funnel, demand gen managers can focus on turning marketing qualified leads into sales qualified leads (SQLs) to increase the possibility that the lead will convert into a sale. The company even built “Top 10” dashboards with Bizible touchpoint data, including the Top 10 Content dashboard which helps the director of content identify the most valuable content by pipeline and revenue impact, rather than pageviews and clicks.

“What’s great about using W-shaped attribution in Bizible is that we can get insights even if a prospective customer doesn’t provide their information, gives us bogus info, or strips out UTM codes,” says Ries. “The first touch might be an ungated piece of content, but then the person comes around and fills out a form or requests a demo. Our content team can understand what the first touch was, what piqued their interest, and make sure we have enough of that content.”

An Irreplaceable toolset

BetterCloud achieved fast ROI with Marketo Engage and Bizible, turning marketing into a true revenue engine. Over a single quarter, the share of the company’s sales pipeline attributed to marketing increased by 79%, with 77% more MQLs entering the pipeline. It also identified 30% more “hand-raiser” leads, or prospective customers who have identified themselves by volunteering their contact information.

"Together, Marketo and Bizible are an irreplaceable toolset. They give us so much visibility into what campaigns and channels work well that we couldn’t perform our jobs at the same level without them.”