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ARX Quadruples Lead Pipeline with Marketo

Marketo drives our entire revenue cycle management process and takes lead management from generation to close. Without Marketo, we'd miss out on 30% of the opportunities that the company creates.

arx photo of guy goldstein responsable marketing en ligne arx Guy Goldstein
Online Marketing Manager


  • Grew incoming leads from 5X
  • Created strong synergy between marketing and sales
  • Ability to identify and communicate with high-quality leads
  • Automated and streamlined entire revenue cycle management process



ARX is a global provider of cost-efficient digital signature solutions for industries such as life sciences, healthcare, government, and engineering. Prior to Marketo, ARX was hampered by a manual, bulk email system that did not have any lead management capabilities. The system forced marketing to passively wait for replies from prospects and then use spreadsheets to manually tally and analyze the responses. With approximately 20,000 leads in their database, reporting and meaningful analysis became an arduous process and left them clueless in terms of their targeted audience.



Marketo has transformed ARX’s previous manual process into an automated revenue cycle solution. ARX can now identify their highest quality leads, engage them with a constant stream of targeted communications, and move more leads successfully to close. As a global organization, ARX has leads coming in from all over the world. Marketo allows the company to tailor their marketing campaigns using regional languages, further improving successful responses. In addition, Marketo enables information to be available at the click of a mouse and offers robust analytics for executive management reporting purposes.



Marketo has had a major impact on ARX. Most significantly, Marketo has helped grow incoming leads by more than 5 times over a one year period. Marketo provides the marketing team with the foundation to manage this massive prospect workload, perform lead scoring and nurturing, and work closely with sales to identify the best opportunities. Without Marketo, ARX estimates that they would miss out on as much as 30% of the sales opportunities that the company creates. Another benefit that Marketo has delivered is the ability for marketing to demonstrate to the sales organization the advantage of a lead nurturing system. This has been instrumental in breaking down the barrier between sales and marketing, improving the flow of communications and the potential to close more business.